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Do They Work for Weight Loss ?

Both Leptopril® and Leptoprin® have been heavily advertised on TV as being indicated for serious weight loss, in significantly overweight individuals who need to loose at least 20 lbs. You may know that Leptoprin is a rather pricey product (about $150 for one month supply), and Leptopril is boasting the same powerful weight loss formula in a generic form at a much lower price.

Both drugs claim to provide more than double the weight loss achieved with dieting alone. However, taking a closer look at their composition, it becomes apparent they both contain a rather common blend of metabolic stimulants, which are featured by many other weight loss supplements.

Here's a list of the main ingredients:

  • Yerba mate - a central nervous system stimulant
  • Guarana - another metabolic stimulant agent with fat-burning action
  • Green Tea extract - known for its thermogenic (fat-burning) and antioxidant effects
  • Caffeine
  • L-thyrosine - an aminoacid which optimizes thyroid function to promote efficient fat-burning and mood enhancement

These compounds are of course effective as far as boosting metabolic processes, however they are far from being unique. To their credit, Leptopril and Leptoprin contain added Calcium and Niacin (vitamin B3) to enable optimal fat burning. They also contain low dose Aspirin, which is believed to be beneficial for weight loss through its anti-prostaglandin (anti-inflammatory) action.

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So Do They Work for Weight Loss?

Theoretically speaking, the above mix of metabolic stimulants should deliver some weight loss benefits, especially if used in combination with diet and exercise. However, I must say that the consumer reviews I found for this weight loss supplement were largely negative. It is unclear whether this is due to the fact it targets the "significantly overweight" population, who may have more difficulty loosing weight. Anyway, the poor consumer ratings coupled with the potential risk of side effects (see below), as well as the high price tag (especially for Leptoprin), all concur to make me rather wary of these products.

Side Effects:

As any weight loss agent containing a combination of stimulants, Leptopril and Leptoprin may cause reactions such as jitteriness, agitation, anxiety, headaches, irritability and insomnia. More serious side effects include rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure. Since individuals who are significantly overweight or obese have a higher cardiovascular risk to begin with, it appears that exactly this segment of the population would be more prone to develop serious side effects. As such, throwing a bunch of stimulants at people who are already at increased risk doesn't strike me like a good idea.


According to the instruction on the bottle, the dose recommended for maximum weight loss is 2 capsules with a full glass of water 15 minutes prior to each meal - not to exceed 6 tablets per day.


Leptopril can be purchased online from the official website for under $25 for 95 capsules. As far as I can tell, this site does not offer a money-back guarantee. They do have a 30-day refund policy, but only if you send the bottle back unopened, (which really defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place).
Leptopril can also be purchased through multiple other online vendors, with prices ranging between $21 and $40 for 95 tablets.

Leptoprin is being offered via TV infomercials at approximately $150 per bottle (180 capsules). However, with a bit of luck, you may also find it offered online at more reasonable prices. The best online deal I found was $50 for 180 capsules.


Please note: This product is for the use of adults only. Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product. Please be aware that any weight loss supplement may be associated with certain side effects and/or health risks. It is prudent to talk to your physician prior to using this or any other weight loss product, especially if you are taking other medication or suffer from a preexisting medical condition.

Disclaimer: Although the information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge, its accuracy and completion are not guaranteed. Prior to using this or any other weight loss supplement, please refer to the instructions included by the manufacturer with the product purchased.

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