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What Does It Take To Get Slim?


Today, about 60% of Americans are struggling with this question. Weight loss and weight control are challenging (and often exasperating) issues. Did you ever ask yourself: Why is it so hard to keep the weight in check? I know I did - many times over.

And here's the answer I came up with: Because no single weight loss tactic works 100%. An effective weight control plan is, by its very nature, a combination of methods and techniques. In short, if you don't put it all together, you fail.

So then, the question becomes:

Can all these methods and techniques fit in your daily schedule comfortably - so that you don't loose your life in the process?

Amazingly, I can now answer that question with a "yes".
Of course, there are no instant fixes. Like any other process, getting your body in shape takes time and motivation. And most importantly, it takes the right approach. The good news is though, it's entirely doable - I can say that from my own experience.

As a physician, I had the chance to observe firsthand the devastating effects of improper weight control, through the contact with many patients affected by obesity and related health issues. Moreover, I struggled with this matter on a personal level. (My personal weight loss story is shared under the about link.) Suffice it to say, if you are struggling to loose weight, I know what you're going through.

What I learned during my battle with weight is the following:

A healthy weight loss program is predicated on achieving the right balance between several factors: Proper nutrition, a smart exercise program, safe weight control supplements, stress reduction, and proper sleep stand out as the most important. Once you achieve this balance, you have mastered the art of weight control, and this is a lifetime asset. The best part is, it allows you to maintain your optimal weight and good looks effortlessly.

But first, you need to learn the "tricks of the trade".

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For instance:

  • How do you balance nutrition and exercise in your daily life in order to loose weight or to maintain weight?
  • What is a convenient exercise program, and how do you go about devising one?
  • Should you use an exercise machine for your workouts? If you decide to do so, how do you pick the right machine?
  • At what point should you start thinking about a weight loss supplement, and what type of supplement should you choose?
  • When should you consider prescription medication for weight loss?
  • How does stress impact your weight loss program?
  • What is the role of sleep in this matter, and how much sleep should you get?
  • What other options are currently available for achieving effective weight control?
  • And what are the major pitfalls of weight control you should beware of...?

Med-Solver tackles these questions, including the most important question of them all: How do you implement the necessary changes in your daily life? We try to protect our readers from the many scams out there, from the sharks who prey on desperate people offering quick fixes that don't work, and from the many other disappointments and failures of improper weight control.

The information on our site is free, and new information is being constantly added. Think of Med-Solver as a free 'health club': You are welcome to visit as often as you want, and stay as long as you like. Check out the info on our pages, and think how it can benefit you in your weight loss endeavor.

In essence, our goal is to introduce you to a life of feasible, safe and effective weight control. Not only for your looks, but also for your health! Above all, we'd like to teach you how to do this naturally, effortlessly, and joyfully - the way we believe life was meant to be.

Ok, enough said!
It's time to get started. The chapters below contain valuable weight control information, which you must know in order to succeed. Use the respective links to get to each individual chapter. Ready? Let's delve into the details of weight control:

Getting Started
Any weight loss process consists of 2 phases: A weight loss induction phase, where you are actively loosing weight, and a weight maintenance phase, where you are stabilizing and maintaining the new weight level you have achieved. ...

A successful weight loss program should start with an honest self evaluation. This is necessary in order to set realistic weight loss goals, and avoid disappointment and confusion later on. ...

Eat for Success
Especially if exercise is not an option, nutrition becomes a key element of the weight loss program. Along with weight loss supplements, healthy nutrition in adequate portions now represents the main factor upon which the success of your efforts hinges. ...

Exercise for Success
First of all, let's address this question: Is exercise absolutely necessary for weight control? Or can you get by without it...?

Sleep for Success
Few people realize how important sleep is in a weight control program. Very often, it's a make-or-break factor, and by this I mean that insufficient sleep will preclude (point-blank) effective weight loss. There are 2 reasons why sleep has such a paramount role in weight control...

Stress Reduction
In order to understand the importance of stress reduction in our daily lives, lets take a look at the effects of ongoing stress on the organism: High levels of stress cause our adrenal glands to secrete increased amounts of the hormone cortisol, which helps our body deal with unusual, demanding or life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, cortisol also impacts our weight...

Organic Nutrition
In order to qualify as "organic", foods must fulfill certain production standards, as follows: For animal products such as meat and dairy, it means the animals were grown without the use of growth hormone and routine antibiotics. For crops and derivative products, it means the crops were cultivated without using industrial pesticides...

Portion Control
Portion Control is one of the trickiest aspects of weight control. It is the stumbling block that ruined many a weight loss program. Master portion control, and you're on your way to ever-lasting fitness!

Universal Strategies
These weight loss strategies work for anyone, anytime - regardless. They are simple, straightforward and easy to apply. So really, there's no reason not to!

Pills & Supplements
At times, weight loss medications may be necessary (and possibly helpful) for achieving adequate weight control. This is especially true when exercise is not an option. In such cases, when one relies on diet alone, controlling one's appetite is of utmost importance. ...

Hypnotherapy is an interesting new approach to weight control, which is slowly gaining acceptance. Opinions about its efficacy are divided among physicians...

Hunger Control
Hunger (or the drive to eat) is the single greatest enemy of any weight loss program. In order to control hunger effectively, one has to first learn to understand it. ...

Nutrition Labels
Understanding nutrition labels is absolutely necessary in this day and age. Your health and good looks may very well depend on it. The nutrition label offers all information about the respective food product at a glance. If you properly "decode" this information, you're able to tell right away what foods are good for you and what foods should be avoided. ...

Do the Math!
This page provides you with the technical details necessary for an effective weight loss program. This is valuable weight control information you must know in order to succeed. It helps you not only during the active weight loss phase, but also long-term as you work to maintain your new lower weight. ...

Carb Facts
Carbohydrates (also called saccharides) are a chemical group of substances found in bread, flour, cereals, sweets, fruit and vegetables. They represent the most common source of nutrients for the human body...

Fat Facts
Fat information is essential for the success of any weight loss program. This page explains what fats are, how our body uses them, and how they fit into our daily nutritional balance. We will also take a look at the different types of fats, and provide the necessary information on each type.

Grocery Food Facts
Knowing the calorie content of grocery food is essential for weight control. Therefore, we will now take a tour of the average Grocery Store - aisle by aisle. As we go along, we'll discuss the food items in each aisle and how they impact your weight and your health. ...

Restaurant Tips
Before I start talking about restaurant food, I want to say that eating out was one of the major pleasures of my life. It took off pressure, it was soothing and comforting, not to mention...

Treadmill Reviews
To loose weight effectively, you need the right equipment. And, since exercise machines are notably expensive, it's only natural you want to get the best value for your money. In other words, it pays to do the research prior to reaching for your credit card. ...

Elliptical Reviews
Elliptical trainer workouts are an elegant and effective way to burn body-fat. ...

Stair Climbers
Stair climbers offer a challenging workout, targeting in particular the muscles of the lower body. These exercise machines deliver significant fitness benefits and are a very efficient way of building up your stamina. ...

Exercise Bikes
Exercise bikes are a fun and convenient way of working out. However, in order to enjoy the workout experience, a decent exercise machine is essential. ...

Pure Blog:  My Medical Stories
This blog contains my own experiences over the years, as a woman and a physician, while dealing with my own weight problems and those of others. ...




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